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Journal of The Indomitable and Audacious Xenedra

Poetry, life, and other random b.s.

3 December 1974
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THIS BIO IS OLD. I like to keep it though. To remind me of how my life used to be. Seems like another lifetime now. Today I am a single woman. In art school. My children are near grown. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. and I am an oil painter. I love to meet new people, and I am happy that I am no longer in a violent and abusive marriage. This profile below is so silly I cant even stand it but....its good to see how far I have come. :) I am peaceful and here to proliferate love and self esteem to whomever I can help along the way. I know what its like to suffer and think you are worthless. And now I know I am not. I am a success every single day I try to become greater than what I am.

-J. Decklar

I .....so arrogant that I must begin with me, me, me...I am an amateur artist. In the real world I go by the name of Jeanne. I draw portraits as a nice little paid hobby. I work as a creative assistant for a footwear company which will remain un-named, because the opionions I might feel the need to express have POSITIVELY nothing to do with the swoosh. I apparently have four children, as I am reminded of each morning when I wake up to the howls of "Can I have a bannana?" It continues to stun me when I am deluged by the four small creatures who seem intensely consumed with the desire to eat. And it's not like they eat real food either. That would be acceptable. No, it's always "Can I have a peanut butter and butter and processed cheese sandwich?" "Mommy, is there any pizza left? I want to eat it with some cereal" Anyhoo, I am assured by my husband they indeed belong to me. Let's see, what else? I am undenyably a froot loop, blissfully out of touch with reality, and full of hot air that I would be more than happy to share with the world. All opinions expressed in my LJ are not expected to be the same opinions that anybody else may have. If my opinions differ from yours, let's respect our wonderful diversity. If you are intolerant of such diversity, I politely beg you to kiss my ass. Excuse me now though, I must attend to my daughter, the self appointed Queen of all Bottles Which Are Waiting To Be Made, and All Cookies Which Have Not Yet Reached Her Pie Hole.